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  1. 7 years later, here are some of the tools I was able to finish, sorry it took so long.
  2. I'm sold and your right Lachlan, 3/8th is a great size for making gravers to use on bone. My tool stock is 1/4" and smaller, it looked like the templates were for smaller stock. Can you fill me in before I go off and buy some of these templets. Can they be used with gravers that have been mounted in a permanent Handel? I was just kicked off "Steve Lindsay engraving" tried to register, not successful. Can they be used with sharpening stones of any given thickness? I have quite a few and it would be great if the templates did work with my existing stones. Thank you Jerome.
  3. Janel: Thank you very much for the descriptions of the different tools you use in your work, it was most helpful. As I make progress I'll make sure to continue to post pictures here. Tony N, thanks for pointing out the Jim Timings book, I'm going to try to get a copy of it, especially if it has any information about making gravers. Lachlan, the templets you pointed me to look really interesting, do they make them for larger tools like bone gravers? Jerome.
  4. Janel: That's not what I intended them for, but one handle with changeable graver tips is a good idea. No the skinny tang on these gravers was just an experiment, one that may not work so well now that I think more about it. Thank you for the link to the pictures of your tools, they're the images I've been using as reference to grind the gravers I'm attempting to make. Jerome.
  5. Hi: I'm a long time lurker on this forum and I have been picking up knowledge about techniques, tools and materials for a fews years now, I want to thank you one and all for your generosity and your willingness to share so openly, so Thank You. Lately I've been thinking allot about gravers, reading and looking at the work on this forum has inspired me to try to learn how to begin using these essential tools in my own carving. I contacted Ian Thorne with the idea that if I get a few gravers made by a professional I could learn to use them and then try to make a few of my own. Ian informed me that he has not been well for quite a while, and suggested I contact Stephan Myhre. I've had Mr. Myher's book for a long time, so reread the section on making gravers, and thanks to Janel and the rest of you I think I can make them myself. Truth be told I tried to make a set several years ago and they came out so bad that I just gave them to a friend who I thought might be able to fix them. So here are some images of the first part of my learning to make, and hopefully use, gravers in my bone carving. Material is Drill rod from the hardware store and some concrete anchor rod I got from my neighbor, It seemed to have a very high carbon content when I did a spark test. Next I ground a shank onto each piece and annealed in a a small forge I have. Next I ground a bevel on the face of two of them. Then this morning I attempted to grind them to shape. This is my first post and I'll post more as I go. Thanks, Jerome.
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