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Found 1 result

  1. Hello I did search the forums... long stories, I read one containing the words I keyed and discover that's not answering my question. And then another.... Not complaining, trying to call out compassion in you :-) I work in ebony and make small, fist-size or mug size statues. But quite intricate designs. I wasn't prepared for this (Im no to the business) but bringing them figurines to a shine takes as long as carving hem. I use power tools, small ones. Can anyone please make a simple recommendation about how to burnish all those small details? I tried sand paper-ing by hand; I'm very patient but this was to no good: maybe one facet gets shiny but right around the "corner", I cant get in with my fingers. One stone bur got so worn out, it became like leather or glass. That one does a bit of the work. I was thinking maybe there are ready made burs that do just that? I tried wool ones too. Working with ebony, have a small piece of boxwood (difficult to find in the Netherlands, everything must be ordered from abroad, the prices get astronomical). Same for tools, drills, burs whatever you call them, I must order from abroad. Ive discovered a website in Asia which sells some heads, waiting for the first order to come in. That takes 3 weeks. Until then, can anyone help? Thanks Mon
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