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Request for Reply to posts: Tip of the day


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Hi all,


When we use "REPLY to comment on a post, the whole post is copied and added to your reply. This creates redundant images and text. In most cases, this sort of reply is not necessary.


Slightly further down the page, at the bottom right, is the FASTREPLY button, which will open a text window for you to post your comments and new photos in. There is an option to go to a More Options reply mode below that text box.


ADDREPLY will go directly to the More Options page for you to work on your post.


I have not yet figured the + or - Quote button. Has anyone else?


If you do use the "REPLY button, and the duplicate images are not necessary, just delete the text and the brackets [......] which usually are attachmentid:____ or a url for an external link.



I hope this is helpful.

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