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New Camera for Macro Recommendations


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Macro lens will run about $399.00


Indeed! Thanks to you both for comments. Within a year or two I'll probably bite the bullet and go for a digital SLR, possibly with both manual and auto functions - and a decent macro lens. That means one of the big 3 - Pentax, Canon or Nikon, I think.


I don't want to ditch my old manual and manual/auto SLRs, though, while film is still being produced; they're both good cameras in their own right, but don't have the potential for the kind of macro I need, unless I want a set-up 6' long with industrial strength tripods. The trouble is that cameras are a bit like cars and PCs - before you know it, you've become a nerd!


Then there are lighting set-ups... Aarrrgh! It never stops.

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