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My name is James Whitehead. I have been a bench jeweler for most of my adult life. I started as an apprentice when I was just past 14 years old. I'm done other things but I've always enjoyed working with my hands. As a jeweler I have worked with silver, gold and platinum. I have cast silver and gold but not platinum. Platinum I did mostly hand fabrication.

Around 1981 I started making miniature knives. Around the same time I became interested in hand engraving. Being self-taught as an engraver I learned all the bad habits, some painful and some took longer. I've known Bob Weinstock for some years now and greatly admire his work. I would like to learn his skills in chasing and carving in metal. I should also say I'm 67 years old but I still enjoy what I do. Thank you for the Carving Path


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Guest DFogg

Welcome James.


I remember going to the Guild show one year and the best knife at the show, by far was a minature Persian with Jade handle that you had made. Stunning work. It is a treat to have you join us.


I hope you will share more of your work please.

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