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The drawings, the finished pieces

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I would like to thank Tom for creating the forum addition. We will learn from this. And thank you to those who asked for and encouraged it's creation.


I would like to remind everyone that the drawings, as well as any pieces you see on the forum are the artist's intellectual property. (This reminder was made at the recent CWA forum when the slide shows were presented.)



These images were easily found and prepared for this topic. I'll add to it in time. I don't spend a great deal of time with elaborate drawings when preparing for a new piece, though I will draw or sketch items of interest and add them to a reference file. Often times, the drawing is on the piece of wood only and disappears rather quickly. I never have taken great effort at planning out all of the critical detail by drawing. Sometimes in the midst of discovery (while carving) a little more thoughtful drawing (planning) would have been useful.


First some drawings from my resource file:










Drawings to porcelain shallow relief carving with celadon glaze:


Luna Moth:







Dragon Hunter:














Dancing Rabbit:







Dragonfly - Lotus Pod







Drawing, sketching and looking/seeing helps me to provide form and detail to the pieces I work on. Detailed drawings of a piece in progress are not my habit, because I have the knowledge in my head, and when that fails, I go to the source if it is not mid winter, or to photographs which I have taken, or from books.



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Thanks Janel,

It's nice to see the drawings and sketches of people whose work I have been admiring - it gives another glimpse into their self that one can not gain from the finished work. I often find other's drawings to be somehow even more inspiring than the finished works, though in your case, Janel, it just gets better and better as the creation moves into the final result.

Thanks to you and to Tom for setting this forum up.



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