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How to create usfull gravering table

Bartosz Ulatowski

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It will be very short tutorial but I hope It will help someone.

I create for myself (some time ago so it is well tested) nice and very practical rotating table for gravering. I used typical rotating wooden bard for fruits. I tare off rubber from bottom, attached copper circular plate and cut one side to adjust for my table and at the end I put some tare. That's all. Cost about 20-30$, little work but works great. To stop rotating just use wooden peg. I using it for tsuba but I image that you can use it for many objects.






Best Bartosz

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Sorry to bring back an old thread, but for anyone searching the site they may be interested in the black tar-like substance in the above photo. I believe it's pitch, it holds a piece in place especially during repousse/chasing.

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