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Drawing for a Cause

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Since this drawing section has been created I thought I might add some drawings that I do to raise money for a no-kill Dog Shelter. The drawings are pastel portraits of pets. I charge $100 for one animal and $50.00 for each additional animal. People write their checks out to the Shelter so all proceeds go to the Shelter. The drawing is done on 11" X 17" pastel paper so the image is a nice size. I work in pastel since I draw well and pastels come in hundreds of different colors and blend easily. I thought this might give some of you ideas to raise money for causes close to your heart.







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Hello Dick,


These last two are nice looking. I'm wondering what specific type of pastels you use - I haven't really used them much except for cheap student varieties and it seems you are getting some nice detail in your portraits. I'd love to see a photo of some of your pastels sharpened for use. I'm thinking they could be a good medium for quick renderings.



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