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Colorado Metalsmiths Conference

Jim Kelso

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I'm getting caught up after returning from the Colorado Metalsmiths' Conference on the 15th. I had a great time with very fine people, really great presentations and spectacular surroundings.


CoMA is a very active group with ongoing workshops through the year. There is a high concentration of diverse types of metalsmiths throughout Colorado so the skill and knowledge level was quite high at the conference.


Friday's presentation by Michael Boyd was a very interesting look at his creative process and demonstrated to me very clearly that even though our work often looks very different than someone else's, there is always a common thread and something to learn and appreciate. I may have a bias to dismiss work that strikes me initially as "too busy". In seeing how Michael works through his process and amended certain work I came to appreciate just how subtle they are.

Michael Boyd



My old buddy Tom Herman was there. I missed his workshop of several days but heard from several people that it was superb and packed with his many years of experience. Tom brings his formal apprenticeship with Van Craeynest(San Francisco) to the table as well as his unique, infectious outpouring of love for the metals, stones, tradition and techniques he uses. His slide presentation was inspiring and extremely informative, showing his unique combination of technique and artistry.


Seven Fingers



Unfortunately I missed Carol Webb's lecture as mine followed immediately and I was in a panic about some parts. Sorry Carol! Judging by Carol's work it must have been on a par with the others.


Carol Webb



I was very excited to see David Huang's lecture/demo as I have been fascinated by raising for many years but never have seen it in action, and I love his work and philosophical approach.

(link)A brilliant feature of this conference was the use of several video cameras to capture views of the demos varying in angle and magnification which were projected on a screen behind. David gave a very lucid and clear demo of his raising technique by hammering the first course of a small vessel, making it appear quite easy and quick. ;-)


David Huang


I'm making a page at my website for follow-up on my own presentation, as I've thought of many things I left out or can expand upon.

I'll post a link to that when it's finished.


Many thanks to the organizers for putting on such an excellent event.



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Welcome back Jim!


It is good to read about your experiences at the conference. Thanks for the photo. That is quite a good peek at the set up and at what David is doing. I look forward to what you will be adding to your web pages.



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