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Hi all,


If you had not noticed, I have been absent a lot the past few months. This year has been one of great distractions, mostly all good, but time consuming for me. My attention to keeping the flow going here on the forum has been quite reduced, and for that I apologize.


The level of distraction has ramped up considerably as I enter the three week countdown to my first, long awaited, trip to Japan! I seem to be glued to the computer sorting out itinerary, negotiating who, when, where and what, sorts of things with two people who will be helping me with translation and travel. I have never traveled internationally, so this alone is exciting, but the greatest is that I am going to realize a long held wish to be in Japan (36 years of hoping).


I am learning a lot about this planning and preparation, and also about a newly acquired camera. There is much to do yet before my departure, and I am glad that I have three weeks to pull it all together.


Please do keep the forum working for you. What you contribute here helps many others to learn, even though they may not participate actively. It is a great resource for those of us who carve in the small-scale. Put your thinking caps on and start some good threads about what interests you in your work and the work of others.


I will likely not have much internet access while I am away. There might be a withdrawal period for me. :) I will miss checking in here, though I will try to when I can.


Kindest regards to you,



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