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Welcome to our artist's forum. While the focus is to be on carving, this is not to exclude any who work with their hands to make small sculpture. The hope is that we will create a community of artists who are willing to gather and share their experience and expertise.


You are encouraged to post photos, but for the sake of those who rely on dial up, please keep your file sizes down to 50k and image size no larger than 640x480.


It is a place to ask questions, provide answers, engage in dialog, ruminate, cogitate and share with others who enjoy the unique perspective that our work provides. It is probably wise to avoid politics, religion and other off topic controversial themes, but anything related to the life is welcome. Do not feel constrained by the topics.


It is OK to lurk, but if we all lurk then things quickly stagnate. Keep things moving and soon it will be a place you look forward to visiting. We already have some amazingly talented people, if you know of others who you think would fit in please extend an invitation.


This forum has no commercial purpose and is here strictly for the benefit of our members. It is OK if you have something that you would like to sell, materials, tools, supplies and links to commercial sites that the members would find helpful, but blatant commercial use of this forum would be offensive and will be removed.

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