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Thanks Don & Janel

Jim Kelso

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Guest DFogg

Thanks to Robert of WebPowerPlus he jumped right on it. All I did was run around and fret. :)


It did point out how important this site has become to my daily routine though, I was getting withdrawl symptoms, especially with the new members and neat carving that is starting to pop up.


I am glad it didn't slow us down. Now I am eyeing the deer skull and rack that has been aging on the side of my shop. :)

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:):) Is that what a little withdrawl does for you?


Thanks Jim, we did worry a bit! I agree with you Don, this is an important part of my day as well. Keeping in touch with the members, laughing, sharing and learning is always a great encouragement and creative energy booster.


Thanks Robert! Working Sunday morning was a good thing for us!



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