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grant award-yippee!

Doug Sanders

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I was away visiting family in Atlanta this past weekend and returned to find that I've been awarded a grant to attend the upcomming INS (int'l netsuke society) convention in San Francisco. Here in Indiana, the Indiana Arts Council gives out individual artist grants each year for no more than $1000 each. This was my first year applying. I just wanted to let some folks here on the list know the good news. Hopefully, I'll see some of you there...

I haven't done much work since about March (due to some life changes) but this is just the encouragement I need to create 2-3 good pieces by the end of September to share with people.




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Thanks everyone! Now I've got to do justice to the state's generosity and work hard for the next three months...

One question- rather than start a new thread,- I'm planning on incorporating a small amount of estate-purchased elephant ivory (with paperwork to show) in some upcomming pieces. Will it be illegal to transport them to CA from IN?

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Guest DFogg

That is money well invested.


Knifemakers do shows all over the country and I haven't heard of anyone being hassled for legal ivory. Just bring your paperwork.

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Congratulations Doug.


I'd be interested to know how long your application process took, from form- filling to award.

It seems difficult (unless I'm missing a trick) to get funded as an individual, as opposed to starting up a company providing employment opportunities, in the UK unless you're fresh out of college and looking for start-up money. I applied to the Arts Council of Great Britain a couple of years ago (to fund the building of a workshop in the garden) but they had difficulty catogorizing me! It's not sculpture! It's not jewellry! What is it?! They don't have a tick-box for 'netsuke'.....

The local administration for my region said they couldn't finance 'building works'.

I finally got a business loan of £1000.

It took a year!



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If I may refer you to the 'Doing Business" section of the forum, there is a thread called Grant Writing where I went into a bit of detail, along with others, about the application process.


as for the arts in England, I lived there for a few years seeking work as an art conservator...I sympathize with your description of arts funding... :blink:



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