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Two book websites to browse

E George

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Hello all TCP members and any guests,


Enjoy surfing through these websites. You may find a book or two that applies to your style of carving.


Dover Publications (www.doverpublications.com) publishes a wide variety of art and design books which have an expired copyright; therefore, there is no fee for use of material. One Dover book worth considering is "The Styles of Ornament" by Alexander Speltz. This book contains examples of periods of styles such as Celtic, Mahometan, and Gothic ornament. Another of my Dover favorites is "Primitive Art" by Franz Boas that contains examples of Northwest Native American design. I have both of these in my library. They also have books with CD that contain various designs. Free samples of designs are available via e-mail by signing up on their website.


Schiffer Books (www.schifferbooks.com) is another interesting website for artist. Most of their Arts and Craft books are project oriented and show step by step procedures; however, they also have books for collectors and these books have plenty of ideas for artists. One book that they sell, which I do not own, is "Asian Ivory" by Jeffery B. Snyder. I have a book on Kachina dolls and one on a Transformation Mask carved by Lelooska.


Enjoy dreaming about projects you are planning while surfing though these websites.


Have fun carving,


E George

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