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Tools/Eqpt for sale


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For sale:


NSK Hi-Rite air grinder, 320,000 rpm. Very nice unit (no longer mfr'd), probably never even used. $275


Jun-Air 6-4 compressor, plus regulator, filter, mist separator & ambient dryer. $550 (Over $1500 new w/o extras)


Werther Panther Silent Compressor. New, custom assembled, comparable to a P100/24 AL, but bigger (10 gal.) tank. Runs perfect, maybe 15 mins. of testing then never used again. A great machine. No filter/regulator incl. $800 (New: $2600)


Leica S6 Microscope w/ 10x eyepieces- (This is the 60 degree model) Like new condition. $800 (Cost about $1400 new.)


Email for photos & details. mitch email

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Hi Mitch,


Thank you for joining and posting your equipment list. Mitch mentioned in an email to me that he acquired some or all of these things in trade from a retired gentleman who thought he would take up carving and just never did. If I had the money, I would likely learn to use some of these things. Have not got it now, so I'll have to wait for another opportunity. Rats!




P.S. Now that you are a member of TCP, would you care to introduce yourself in the Who's Who section? We do have some engravers who check in now and then and write about the work they do.

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