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New Chasing & Repousse Book

Jena Duffy

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Hi Jena. Those drawings look fine to me and look similar to those found here and there. Certainly it's helpful to have that kind of drawing as a guide to see the basic progression of forming different types of tools. I think that as you make a few tools you will find that your needs will dictate the shapes and it will become more intuitive. "Form follows function" never applied more precisely. It's the geometry at the working end that counts most, and is critical to develop a grasp of. Beyond that, it's comfort and finding a tool shaping work-flow that suits you.


The tagane blanks are very useful but not the only option available. Similar blanks can be forged from carbon steel, by you or a blacksmith, or various forms of carbon steel and high-speed steel stock can be ground/filed to shape.


You may find these discussions helpful:





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I can not agree more with your words.

By the way, you are my superstar. hahaaa, i moved really by your finish art, carving art, by the first glance...


Later i will post sequence how i make the chisels. even i do not know he or she have posted the better one already. or the best one was Existing.

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