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How strong is the Ryusa netsuke "Seven Worthies in the bamboo groves"?

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It is time to take the rest of your communications to PM or email. The tone of the communications between members is harmful to this forum, to the membership and to others who are not members.


I will trust you to work issues out privately.



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I think Natasha has the right to defend herself, especially since other detractors still remain.


Leon, you said you were waiting for someone to back Natasha, and that's why I said I do. You don't have to point out that it's my right. You were asking for it. Also, to say that "her experiment proves nothing" is to show an interest in not only the construction of her netsuke but also the purpose of her experiment. She showed the test because the fragility of her nestuke was in question. If you don't want to be involved in that discussion, you probably shouldn't get involved in this discussion. Granted, you can do whatever you want. I understand that your concern is with the distribution of the weight in her experiment and I don't want to disrespect you, my elder.




Claire, I see that you are upset and would like to defend Clive. Well none of this would ever have happened if Clive didn't criticize Natasha's netsuke. He simply could have told Dante to bear in mind the fragility of his material. He didn't have to single Natasha out.


Last but not least, here's an emoticon to show that no one has to take my comments to heart. :unsure:

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Leon, if the construction of Ryusa netsuke is not interesting for You, WHAT are You doing here? There is a discussion of Ryusa netsuke, not a bridge! Please read the title of this topic :blush: And please keep your emotions positive, nobody tries to hurt You. Simply I don't know what test would be right for You! - Sorry, You are so funny! Will You see a difference between bridge and netsuke some day?

I agree here, bridges were perfectly done in your country, I watch Discovery channel! :unsure:


Sorry Janel, but I am so sick of it. Now I receive an e-mail from N telling me she is just making jokes! Out here she is allowed to make a fool of me to tell me in private she's joking?


In this discussion I made two remarks, just two (that is if you read carefully).

One about Ross offending all artists of this forum and one about an experiment that imo was rubbish.

THAT's what I am doing here! Capice? If that's offending someone or not allowed, so be it. But I do not understand.


(loud curse in private)


@ the professor

It is very good custom to discuss experiments in an open way, to make them correct/true. If it proves nothing it's worthless.

That the outcome is not of interest to me is beside the point.

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Leon, I just wanted to give You a rest. You speak about something, but nothing concrete. I cannot understand what tests do You need? If You need! :unsure:


So, every of us has already written own opinion. If there is nothing new, concrete, an offer or something else, let's stay with our opinions. I respect opinion of everyone and don't try to force anybody! Don't go around again and again.


Thank You, Professor Rhubarb, very much!


Let's take a vacation for a couple of days! It'll make us more patience!

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