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Questions to all the japanese style miniature carvers...

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Dear fellows:


Recently the ryusa posts I read generate good and instructive discussions about this matter, good to learn from the masters everyone of us,...but also some bad energy between certain nice people I admire and respect. I want to ask to everyone here on this Forum some questions to try at least to put an end in the conceptual frame of japanese miniature artistic objects...some very simple questions to finally receive from the masters around here a propper introduction about sizes and shapes, and even meanings related to the pieces If they want to do it for us:


¿Where are the oldest Netsuke in a Museum and what´s its size and shape?


¿What´s the propper size and shape of a Netsuke katabori?


¿What´s the propper size and shape of a Netsuke sashi?


¿What´s the propper size and shape of a Netsuke kagamibuta?


¿What´s the propper size and shape of a Netsuke manju?


¿What´s the propper size and shape of an okimono?


¿What´s the propper size and shape of an ojime?


¿What´s the propper size and shape of an little budhist shrine zushi?


¿What´s the propper size and shape of certain lacquered japanese boxes like tobako-e, inro, kogo, kobako, natsume, ko-jukogo, kodansu, tebako, jubako, kashibako, fudebako, ryoshibako, shaduko, and suzuribako?


This are for many of you I know very simple questions, and many perhaps are thinking in recomend to us the reading of many books about this subject...but I want answers here on this topic please. The idea it´s that many of us through this topic could obtain a concensus related to the propper sizes and shapes from you the experts Ok.


I felt really bad when I saw elitism, eyes wacthing over the shoulder, and some other characteristics that arise in beautiful people...I understand that at the end we are all humans, but I spent all my life running away from places gave me unpropper energy feelings, from dictatorship manners and from discriminating people,...also trying to seek for true friends and true artists in the bottom of their hearts. A true artist offers help anytime without showing an ego that hurts, and always is an student of life. The idea to gathered here on this Forum it´s to offer help and advices and to inspire others to follow the true carving path...and the friendship it must be our main goal here. I will be always a fan of people like Tom Sterling, Phill White, Natasha, Clive, Janel, etc,...many good artists that I met here...but I felt really bad when I saw that I need to separate the art of the artist from the person, because to me the ideal artist is like the art that made from his hands, a unite compound of spirituality inside their body and mind...and when I discover that some are just skilful persons that follows material expectations and forced fame then I felt sad. I hope someone will understand my words and If SOMEONE FELT FOR THIS HUMBLE WORDS ALLUDE then that person it´s like I said.


Peace, love and health to everyone of you guys..my fellows in this path. I hope the answer of my simple questions come quickly and the next time many of us try to make a netsuke in the japanese conceptual frame then we will know what we need to do in sizes and shapes.



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