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Normal winter in North Central Montana today. A bit of fresh snow, -20 C. We had a low this winter of -30 or so. Perfect weather for carving. I love winter.


Merry Christmas,



Havre, Montana


I decided to add a picture. We live along the Milk River in North Central Montana about 35 miles from Canada. It's an arid region with only 10-11" (27 cm) of rain per year. I've spent 46 of my 51 years in this spot. Cold in winter, hot in summer and windy. You maybe had to grow up here to love it as I do. This is our view south.



East a couple years back.


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Beautiful photo of the snow in Moldova! Thank you Natasha!


Hi Mike, it is good to see you. I get the feeling that so much snow is not usual for Virginia, which is considered a Southern state.


The 72 hour major snow storm has just begun for my region of the United States. Many states will feel the power of this storm. The forecast is for snow to be falling in waves from tonight until Saturday, with much concern for unsafe driving in many states during this Holiday travel time of Christmas Eve and Christmas day. The temperature is near the freezing temperature, so the snow will be heavy in weight and not easy for shoveling. The prediction for where we live is for a possibility of as much as 14 inches by the time it ends. We may have to postpone our family gathering with mother until Saturday, to keep everyone safe on our journeys to the gathering place.


If I can, I will try to take a photo to share when the daylight returns.


Smiles to you all, and I hope that you enjoy your time together with family and friends this holiday season.



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It is -7F here in the interior of Alaska. We are having a mild El Nino winter. We do not have much daylight but life is good in the arctic.


Here is a link to a local web-cam down town. This young bull moose has been eating the branches of the choke cherry bushes and birch trees in th neighborhood for the last week.





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