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What cow bones can be used ?


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G'day all,

Pretty new to this and starting off using cow bone.


Question is .... what cow bones are suitable ???


So far I've been advised by other members posts that they use rear thighbone and front shinbone. And so far this is what I'm concentrating on.


Not being a cow anatomist (ha ha) are there any other bones that are good for / or yeild good or quantity of bone for the effort involved in cleaning ? For example shoulder. pelvis (do cows have a pelvis ?), rib etc etc.


Anyone have any idea or experience on this topic ?



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If you are after the largest flat plate, then it's the rear shinbone. For the thickest 3-dimensional solid piece it's the front shinbone, it has a rather flattish oval cross-section, and one of the narrow sides gives you a triangular piece roughly 15-20mm thickness. ( the antique chess sets turned from bone use this part.) For round carving you can use all the above, plus the rear thighbone. This one usually has thicker sections than the others, but is round all over. Keep away from the front thighbones, they are not much use for anything.

Having said all this, the shankbones are even better. Trouble is, you don't get them at the butcher, only at the abbattoire. They have no meat on them, and are cut off at the very beginning of the process. The rear ones are the better ones, but the front ones can give good bone, too. (shankbones are the metacarpus (front) and metatarsus (rear).)

Bulls have the biggest bones (surprise, surprise.)

Make sure you get the bone clear of all fatty stuff as soon as you can, otherwise it will be looking rather unpleasant with the fat soaking into the bone. It is especially true of the shankbones. There are some threads on the subject on this forum

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That'a fine mate, don't mind doing the entire work but thanks for the heads up ...... will make sure I've got a bucket or something to put them in so there's nothing to leak into the car and start any foul smells. ha ha.

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