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New Bead Design

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Hi All,


Here's a drawing for a new bead - will be about 2 inches tall. I would love to make this in either steel (never worked on raising steel before) or ebony with the white sections inlaid in silver, but this one has a client attached and price and practicality has me doing another limited edition in sterling instead. The deer will be done in shallow relief with soft textures to bring out the form - in the drawing I was only concerned with the profile for layout. I'l post photos of the wax as it is carved. Any feed back is welcomed.



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Looks like a nice piece. I visited your site and really like your work. I would have to say the "frog bead" is my favorite.


I'm interested in the process, do you carve a mold in wax and then pour it? Is the wax simply a guide? I would be very interested in seeing a tutorial.


Thanks for posting it and keep them coming

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