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Washington State Jade Rendezvous

Ezekiel Hughes

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Hi all. I'm putting together an event here in Washington state for the local jade community...carvers and collectors...but have discovered there are far too few carvers. so I decided to open up the invite to any carvers in the area that might be interested in the local jades and "jades". As one of the goals of the get together is to discuse and gather resources for a future Washington State Jade Art festival, it would be a good idea to have some art by then! I suppose we could drop the "art" aspect...but I would rather drum up a little interest in the local stone carving community in the materials we have. this will be a great oppertunity to see what washington has...you may even be able to convience some of the collectors to part ways with some of thier stones :-)


There are some folk coming up from California and Oregon and down from BC too, but I don't know that they are bringing any of thier jade or not.


Also, I picked this forum out because it was linked to the jade site "Timeless Jade". If you have any other suggestions on where to get the word out to those that might be interested, please let me know.



The Washington State Jade Rendezvous is being held this September the 17th-19th on the North Fork of the Stilliguamish. It is an informal gathering of the local jade community. It is being held on private property so it is invite only and RSVPing is required ("maybe" is OK) There is some camping space available and individuals are encouraged to bring thier jades and "jades" rough or carved...or have their finds ID'ed. Folks may also set up a table or small booth if they wish to display thier collection or work...though this isn't a commercial festival. There is no fee but you need to bring your own everything except firewood...that's covered. The Squire Creek campgrounds are also available for overflow...or folks can just stop by and discuse jade for a few.


One of the purposes of the gathering is to discuse the future of Washington State jade and gather resources for a future Washington State Jade Art Festival.


To get on the RSVP list, individuals need to email me...I will then send you the directions and other details):




or contact me through Facebook:


Ezekiel Hughes




"Friend" me or request to join the RSVP Facebook Group:





the Facebook page is also the place to make suggestions or offer to help. Currently we have about 50-60 showing up.


or pm me here or post...


Thanks for your time,



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