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Camel bone.


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Hi Everyone.

I wonder if you can give me some advice please. I want to do some bone carving and noticed that camel bone is available in small pieces for guitar parts etc. Is it safe to work with bone? are there any precautions that I need to take before starting, I always wear a mask when woodworking ect but I was unsure if there were any health issues or dangers to be aware of when using bone, I beleive the camel bone comes from India originally.

Any information, advice and help you can give me will be very much appreciated ( better safe than sorry )

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Graham,


It is wise to not breathe any of the dusts we make while carving. I do not know what specifically the dangers are from breathing camel bone dust. Lung tissue is sensitive and it is quite worth it wear protection.


You will find references to working bone and discussions about health concerns by using the SEARCH function at the top right of each page. Happy hunting as you read through the archives.



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