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Deborah Wilson Jade Carving DVD


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Deborah Wilson is one of the most respected Jade carvers in the world and I just received a new DVD that will be for sale on my website soon. I thought it would be nice to let all on the forum be the first to know that this DVD has been made and will be available.


I received the DVD’s yesterday and watched it last night. It is very well done and her insight in Jade carving comes across clearly. I would recommend this video for anyone out there that has an interest in carving Jade or is already a Jade carver. My favorite part is when she shows a finished Jade barnacle, absolutely beautiful.


As soon as I have this on the site and ready for sale I will let the forum know. I don’t like promoting my business on forums but this is a rare time you will see me do it. I hope to have this ready to go after this upcoming weekend 11-8-10 it should be on the site.


All my best ........... Danny


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