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Free tsuba making film


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Happy Holidays to everybody here.


I bring a gift from the guys on Following the Iron Brush forum ;)


It's easier if I quote;


Utsushi - the search for Katsuhira's tiger


Some of you have already seen this short documentary film but I've just uploaded a High Definition version with Japanese subtitles onto YouTube.


You'll find details about the film maker and links to alternative text translations of the audio in the description below the film screen.


You'll find



You'll see the default quality setting on the play bar is usually 360p (on the right just below the screen). The film can be viewed in higher quality (up to 1080 High Definition ) by selecting a higher resolution setting. At the higher settings you can watch it in an expanded view to fill the screen.


Please feel free to download the files for your own use. You'll need to use RealPlayer software to do this. It's available for free here.



If you're interested you can read more about the project the film follows and how it came about here, on my blogsite.

I hope you enjoy it.


best regards,


Ford Hallam


thank you,


remo :)

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Hello Remo,


What a gift and what a fantastic film, the patience and skill that Ford shows in the creation of this art work is truly amazing. I especially like the creation of the inlays for the tiger strips, as Ford said in the film such a lot of work to add such a subtle effect but adds so much to the the final product.


Please pass on my congratulations to Ford for producing this film, not just to see this fantastic work of art but to allow us to see the steps in creating it as well!!





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