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I have noticed more than once on this forum that people are looking for Ivory and saying they have a problem in finding it. I just did a Google search “Fossil walrus ivory” and found more than one source.


One of the companies found in the search is Boone Trading Company, this company has been in business for at least 30 years as I purchased fossil ivory from them that long ago.


Regarding fossil ivory, it is very nice to carve and being mineralized it seems to be better than fresh ivory also much more of a color range from almost pure white to beautiful brown tones, I’ve even seen it approaching orange in color. So if your looking for ivory to carve try fossil ivory out and I think you will be very pleased.


Fossil walrus ivory comes in either teeth or tusk, if you are carving small items I recommend the teeth as they do not have the same interior as the tusk.


Below are three images of cross sections of tusks and a frog carving done from a tooth.


All my best .......... Danny





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Danny, Janel, thank You both very much for this theme! I'v never carved any fossil materials (but mammoth but it is more like elephant) because I thought it would be very hard for my tools, only today I've noticed how beautiful this raw material, I'll test it some day! Thank You for this idea! ;)

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