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Small Diameter Ring Making?


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We need more details. please.








1mm thin wall ring-----silver. the highest part is 1mm thick----curved shape---

edges narrow to 1/2 millimeter at edges.


20mm outside diameter


18mm inside diameter


full circle.

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Hello Mibeck,

It all depends on what you have by way of tools and experience - the simplest way would be to fabricate the piece from half round silver wire of the right size (a little bit larger than the finished dimensions)- get your circle by using a ring mandrel - just as you would do if you were making a wedding band - you would need to have a torch to hard solder the joint, and some other forming tools - I've used this method in a flute I made out of purple heart wood and it worked out just fine. You are able to work harden the piece this way and make it quite strong. The original piece was probably struck out with a die and would not have a solder seam, but if you use the hardest silver solder(they make some for use with enameling that has about the same color as the sterling and excellent strength). Good luck with the project!



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I agree with magnus homestead. Depending on the strength you need from the joint, and alternative to silver soldering a "wedding band" out of silver, you could fuse a similar "wedding band" from argentium silver. It's the same silver content as sterling silver, but doesn't tarnish, and it is just as easy to fuse the ends together as it is to solder them. I actually made my Wife's and my wedding bands out of argentium silver. I would still buy it in the half round wire and use the same approach to forming the ring, but fusing will give a more solid joint.


you can get either fine silver, or argentium silver in half round wire from riogrande.com under the metals category.


good luck.


ps, another option I guess would be to cut the rings out of flat stock, I believe you should easily find stock of the correct thickness (translates to width of ring), but that would require ALOT of sawing and would be quite time consuming.

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Hello Mibeck,

I agree with the suggestions for soldering ring rings but I would use flat section wire (rectangular)close to the desired final dimensions. Then I would mount the bands on a mandrel and use a small lathe to cut the final profile.

Yes, all this depends on the tools you have on hand and if you know how to silver solder.



can anyone suggest a process for making small rings like the ones shown?


i need to make three of them as replacements for a missing piccollo

ring set.


They are needed as they protect the endgrain from splitting.

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