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Collectors Of Wood Art And American Association Of Woodturners


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The Collectors of Wood art (CWA) and the American Association of Woodturners (AAW) are meeting in Saint Paul, Minnesota this week and weekend. It is a big deal weekend for wood collectors and wood artists. I've already been to some CWA events and have been renewing friendships and meeting new people. Last evening was a reception for the CWA members at The Grand Hand Gallery where my work is on display with turned and sculptural work by other wood artists.


On Saturday morning some CWA members will be taking a bus tour to visit artists' studios. The first stop is at our studio, to see where I do my work, and to see my husband's pottery studio. Afterwards, I will race down to the AAW symposium to resume attending the workshops. I live an hour's drive from where the symposia are taking place.


Now to clean up the studio a bit to prepare for visitor!



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