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Restoration Of Replica Sculpture - La Pieta

Mat Roop

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Hi Folks... I am a luthier that focuses on restoration of violins... but now I have been asked to restore this piece with the broken finger parts missing..... silly me agreed! :unsure: ... and I have never carved anything artistic in my life! I am sure this is a mass produced cast and inexpensive item, but still, I'd like to do a good job. I have attached a few pics for reference.


1- What is your guess as to the base material that this is made of? the last pic is of the bottom of the casting showing what appear to be air bubble imprints.

2- What material should I use to replace the missing piece?

3- Is there a special adhesive or method to ensure the replacement material stays in place securely?

4- It appears that much of the color of the carving is natural... what principles apply to color and texture matching of the replacement material to the original?


Sorry for the many questions... but your advice will be most valuable!... Many thanks & Merry Christmas to you all.... Mat






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