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Sperm Whale Ivory Sturgeon

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I've beenb working away at this piece of whale ivory for a long time.

This is my first 3-dimensional piece in real organic material, and my first experience with ivory.

It is still in early stages I'm started with small files

Please tell me what you think...


Thank you,





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Kia ora Bella. Seems to be coming along nicely. Is this from the tooth you showed earlier? I see a bandaid on your hand. Arguing with the files are we? ;o). Looking forward to the final product.



Thank you Billy,

Yes this is certainly the same tooth, and there is lots of material left over lucky me!

As for the files YES! We seem to argue more than I'd like to admitt the files and I! However, they sure get the job done well so. =)

Can't wait to work on it more

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