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Finished Cashmere Ram

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I just finished this recently. Originally it was left natural but I felt it could be better. To be truthful I figured it would either turn out really nice or be an expensive piece of firewood. The finish is artist oils built up in glazes. The base coat on the body is titanium white followed by more coats than I care to count of glazes in different hues and tones of ochre, umber, gray and sienna. There was also some manipulation of the glazes by wiping and dry brushing. The horns are based in gray with umber and sienna glazes. As the light changes the color of the ram changes...it is a weird effect.


I hope you like it and any and all comments are welcome. Please feel free to offer a critique, been doing this way to long for public consumption to have thin skin. It was a learning experience and I pushed my envelope which is the purpose of most of my work these days.


A photo of the original unpainted ram is on my blog at my website if it is of interest. Thought it might be to much to post on one thread.






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