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Roy M

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I sought the advice of others and organised a trip to the Homekill butcher about 45 mins drive away. I called him and he saved some bones for me. I bought a nice new sharp saw and sawed off the pieces I wouldnt need. I bought a big pot to boil the bones in and spent a few hours boiling them away in the garden. I took out the bones, changed the water and scraped as much of the sinew and marrow out as I could. Boiled them one last time and poured everything out of the pot onto the grass to let them dry in the sun.


The next day I went to get the bones and............. theyre gone.


There are three dogs on the farm and only two of them are suspects in this case.


I do hope I get to the bottom of the missing bones case, I have nothing to carve!


It did make me laugh, and also everyone else on the farm too so I thought I'd share the story. Im thinking it would have taken quite a few trips to remove all the bones, I can just imagine the glee they had finding a big pile of giant bones.


Hope youre all well



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Love your story of the missing bones . Last year I came upon a coyote who didn't survive our harsh winter, marked the spot, came back this spring and collected the bones. I bought them home and layed them out in the sun to finish drying and bleach them right along side a deer skull with antlers. First a few small ribs 'walked' away, and then a bottom jaw bone. My first suspicion was maybe a small dog had found a way into and out of my yard. But no holes in the old fence could be found. Then a few days later I heard a tapping at the back window, this window reachs down to the ground level and where I see my deer antlers moving and a rotten squirrel outside giving my deer skull a working over. He chewed the tips 2 of the antlers tines, I just glad it was too large for him to haul away as well. And I thought squirrels liked nuts!

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do what i do drill a hole in the end and tie them to the washing ling after boiling


Excellent idea, although i can just imagine what my vegetarian partner will think of this, bones swinging in the wind next to her nice clean washing!


I think I'll meet you half way and hang them from a tree.


Cheers Tony

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