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Carving Tools/ Stands/ Tips?


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can you guys post your favorite


carving supply stores


carving tool web sites(seems like there is 3 carving types manual chisles, spining carving like dremel, or a automatic thrusting machine)


sites for carving tips






i am just starting to carve and was hoping to get some tips and idea's for supplies, tools, and actual carving. i need something for a good solid basis for learning. and eventuly teaching the kids at school.

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thinking ill go the power carving rout for now was thinking the foredom or another such carving machine would be perfect for on my lathe. i can leave it chucked up and carve on the lathe rotating my bowls as i carve. if i used a traditional mallet and chisle set i would be puting alot of stress on my machine. does anyone else on here carve lathe work?

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