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Nice Little Haul From Garage Sales


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ok i decided to take a day off from the shop after all i am on vacation and goto a few garage sale's with my mom and dad. while was out i found


3 big swing arm ajustable shop lamps that i will put in the classroom on one counter that i plan on converting into a carving station. ostly keep some dremel's and wood burning tools there. dont think that i should have sharp hand tools. anyone got any sugestion on the best way to set something like that up? perfect add ons or carving furniture?(1.00-2.50)


also picked up some pink marble coasters that i will use as inlay for bowls or jar lids. 7 of them and the case they came in is pink marble the case ill crush up into stone inlay material. (1.00)


picked up a 4 by 20 long pieces of light grey marble im thinking a long desk organizer something realy eligant (1.00)


got 10 small teak salid bowls (.25 each )


got 2 large 11 inch teak bowls (2.00 Each)

the bowls i plan on chucking up on the lathe and sanding them smooth again and puting a stone or metal inlay in the bottoms. these i can after i clean up can be resold for a large profit.


got a large wall tool organizer for screw drivers and plyers ect... (1.00)


and a mirror on a expanding acordion style arm that swivils back and forth. that ill end up mounting to my lathe and hooking up a dust collector to it. that way i can move it back and forth closer or farther away depending on the different turning that i do. close up for small stuff, far out for large 12 bowls, and then all along the length of a long spindle in case i make a walking stick. (1.00)


nothing huge to brag about not like geting a free 8 inch delta jointer or a 15 inch delta planer but all this stuff adds up to make my shop a little more organized and usefull. eventuly these things will come in handy when i begin carving on my bowls. plus i have some realy prity pink marble discs that i will end up using as a inlay piece on a bowl.

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