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Trading For Stone/bone Dust


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hey folks im looking for stone or bone dust or small pieces that i can use for inlay material


if you have done a carving then you know that you often drop or carve part of your carving and it ends up going in the garbage. im wondering if anyone is inturested in swaping wood both exotic and domestic for your garbage bone and stone dust. what i plan on doing is making a inlay in my lathe turnings and for that i need small pieces of bone and stone to be glued in and then use dust to fill in any small voids. if anyone is doing a carving and wants to save their sorted dropings rather then tossing them out let me know. im sure we can work out a trade of eather raw materials of wood or if you do inlays i have set aside saw dust for different shades of wood. or i can make you something on my lathe like a handle for a carving tool. or if you just want to send it then i will pay for any shipping. thought it would be cool to have bowl and say that i used whale tooth or wooly mamoth tusk to make that colored band.


example of the techneque ill be using





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I have some black obsidian chips from knapping , if you still looking send me an email to aldo@iturrey.com


I have lots of little pieces of green and black jade, really little pieces.

Email if you want to see a picture, I have not figured out how to post a pic here yet.



hey guys i would definetly be inturested ill send you both a pm to discuss it.

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just got a box of jade from david looks realy nice cant wait to make something from it. after some changes in my life i have been forced to stop turning as much as i have but i plan on taking up carving with a vengence. thinking of making hand carved knives or perhaps noh masks. going to using inlay in my carving as much as possible.

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ummm since im just starting carving where do you even get spirm whale teeth im guessing you dont get them from the nearest gas station?


and you would be surprised how far the dust stretches because for the most part your not filling a deep grove its shallow area that you then fill with dust or chips. but if your willing to store it till you get a batch i would be willing to buy or trade for it. i sent david ward a care package full of odd ball scrap from my shop for some jade he sent me.

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i would love it but that would probably be way to costly to send it. thanks for the offer though. if you wanted to try your hand at inlay using it yourself let me know and ill give you some pointers and some different materials you can use. there are lots of different materials you can use besides i dont use elephant or whale unless i know the animal died of natural causes.

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Dan that would Be Great! i am always up for experimenting with new techniques and materials! as for the bones i have They were confirmed to have died of natural causes 38 years ago. the local who provides me with the bone claimed alot of the bone from the whale thus his large collection of bones i recently received a Jawbone cut from him, Which is the most favorable part to carve because there are is only one marrow tube to worry about. The rest of the Bone Is extremely dense and can handle alot of work.


Yesterday i finished my first Fishhook and commenced my very first inlay which is wood into the bone. i would love to hear what you think of my very first inlay. will post a pic soon

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couple of videos that are helpfull


some help pages with good information






here are some materials that i have used for inlay


decrative sand from craft store the large the grain the better as it will have more texture. small grains tend to blend out into a solid color.

brass key cuting from a key cuting machine.

small pieces of aluminum

small pieces of copper

aluminum dust

copper dust

dry automotive paints

glitter (i hate it never can get rid of it)

wood chips and dust

steel dust from the grinder

bone dust

talcum powder

any soft stone look for 6 or lower on the MOH scale

small pieces of plastic

epoxy mixed with any pigment (i want to try earth pigments all made from soil or minerals http://www.earthpigments.com/index.cfm)

powdered corian if you can get it or break it yourself.


any powdered medium realy.


couple tips


paint the inside of you depresion black it makes the inlay stand out a bit more.

add paint aditives that contain metal to enhance your inlay for example aluminum powder will make highlights look silver. brass will make them look gold.

if you can make a mix of stone and epoxy to fill in your gaps. larger stones will fill the big areas and supply visual texture and the epoxy will fill in the small gaps to make it solid.

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im not realy inturested in jade very hard and difficult to work with as an inlay. its a great stone but its difficult to work with and i have a local source for large amount if i realy wanted some more. honestly lachlan i still want to know more about your resin process. we talked about this once a while back where you process it from a local plant in Australia im stuck using synthetic material which just is not cool.

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