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Minimum Amount Of Tools Needed?--Beginning Stone Carver!


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I'm new to stone carving (I've been carving wood and bone for about 3 years on and off now), so I'm trying to figure out exactly what tools I will need, before I start buying them. I already have a foredom flex shaft and a micro motor and lots of various little diamond bits (from lopacki.com). I have a tile saw (4 or 6" I think?) with a diamond blade, but find it very hard to cut anything evenly on it, becuase there is a big gap around the blade since it's made for a much thicker blade, so it kind of bends sometimes when I'm cutting. And it vibrates a ton, and shoots water all over! :-(


What I'll be focusing on for my carvings will be smaller (probably max 3") carved stone earrings, and also much smaller things (like other types of jewelry).


My initial thinking is that if I buy my stone already in slabs, I could get away with just a diamond band saw or small trim saw to start off (and use my flex shaft or micromotor for all of the carving and polishing). Next in line would be to get a slab saw so I could actually cut my own slabs, and then maybe a grinding wheel. Does this sound like a good plan? Any suggestions for something different? I know I could be wayyyyy off here, since I'm just guessing. I'm basically looking to spend the least amount of money possible, but get adequte tools for what I want to carve.


Thanks!! :-)

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Basically you have got everything you need. I do all my work with exactly what you described. And yes cutting is a pain so there are better solutions. I do buy as much material as I can in sizes that require minimal cuts. The only other thing that I use that is not on your list above, is sanding-paper, which I think you have got already too. So in short, you are ready to get started.


I assume you got felt, leader, cotton burrs for polishing with Silicon and Diamond-paste?


Drop me a line in PM, and I send you a list with pictures via email if you so wish.


Best regards, Kurt

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