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Bone Carving Dvd

Tony N

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Personally, I think you'd get more out of Stephen Myhre's book. All respect to that Stephen, but it certainly looks like entrant level stuff. Having said that, most bone carvings I have come across in NZ are self taught. And when you're self taught you often create techniques by yourself. These techniques that are developed are sometimes more simpler, more effective than perhaps you're already using. So I find it doesn't matter how experienced a carver is, they can still teach the most experienced carvers something. Owen Mapp told me he learns more from his students than anyone. So perhaps worth a look man.

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Hey Tony , in all honesty I personally have learnt more from this forum than I have from any other source,and that like many Mr Myre's book has been valued reference for many years.

Having said that I have had very limited face to face interaction with people that carve the materials we do.

I have seen posts on blog sites etc where courses have been held by a couple of the more notable carvers including Owen Mapp and would give my eye teeth to be able to just sit and watch lol,maybe it would be worth keeping an eye out, its a standing joke with my family how often I have remarked that I would ( if i could afford it ) be willing to pay the commission price for a piece if I could watch how its being made hahahaha and prob get more out of it and value the experience of sitting and watching way more than the finished product!!

I suspect that Billy has hit the nail on the head in that the really top of the game artisans and teachers in alot of crafts seem to reiterate that same perspective in that they have reached a point where they learn from their students and that the experience is a two way street.

One thought tho',Te Papa is literally a place I personally can lose hours if not days looking thru the glass,,totally absorbed in figuring out the how's and whys, .

There is alot to learn in there regarding the balance in design and technique, finding the lines between practicability,beauty and knowledge of the material, the toanga in there and in other museums dotted around the place I seriously feel offer a self paced learning experience that for me, has been unequaled particularly when you make the transition from studying the old toanga and move into the craft shops looking at how modern techniques and the world we live in today have influenced this old craft.

Just a few thoughts mate that I thought I would post in case it may help



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Tony, I have both sets.and for me it was a great help in trying to learn bone carving.i have the book to and. It to has helped me ..but to see some one doing the carving close up learning about tool that are used.works for me..and he shipped the DVD fast..this is my 2 cents for what it's worth...

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