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Be Jealous Of My Tiny Router


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ok i know this isent a strictly carving tool but i plan on puting inlay in my carving so i am posting this on here because im very happy with it and want to share how easy it is to make it.


so i have wanted a better mini router for my inlay for a while rather then just the cheap plastic base that comes with the dremel. so i came across a base that hooks into my dremel. this is very stable and even base that allows me to have a open face to see my work and route out tiny channels for inlay and marqatry.






my second problem is the time it took me to clean up my mess from my tiny router and the dust blocked my lines so it was hard to see. so i decided to hook up dust collection to it. so i taped a 5/8 hose to the back and fed it up the cord to a hook in the roof above me and then fed it back down to my carving bench dust collection. but i realized that i was not geting enough of my dust with just the hose so i bought a 90 degree male/femaie elbo pvc joint and trimed it down to fit to collect the dust right next to my blade. now i only lose about 5 percent of my heavy dust but thats only because its thrown forward so im still geting 95 percent of my dust and it clears out the area im cuting completly.






oh i have to close off my big pipe to have enough suction through my small pipe.

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You know, Dremel makes a router base for those rotary tools.


Just kidding. That looks a hell of a lot more accurate than what Dremel makes. Great job.


Dan, it looks like you are like me - you either can't stand to spend money on something you can make yourself, enjoy making your own tools, or a combination of both. You and I should get our heads together on a project some day.

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uggg dont mention dremel bases..........na this company is known for guitar making tools and those have to be spot on acurate.


i dont have a problem buying what i need the problem is most places dont have what i need so i need to jimmy rig what i have and what i can get to do what i need. plus as i learn more alot of stuff can be made with little to no effort. home made carving knives, home made lathe tools, sharpening jigs, my powered sharpening station cost me 40-70 dollers because its just two bench grinders.


one stone wheel for grinding,

one white stone wheel for cool temp sharpening,

(this grinder i twisted around to run backwards)

one mdf wheel for a power strop,

and one felt wheel for knocking off the burr of the blade.


between those two in about 15 seconds i can keep my knives razor sharp for a long time. i could spend 600 dollers and get the system i need but this does it plus at a fraction of the cost.


sounds good i have been feeling stagnet and uninspired lets figure out what we can do. send me a pm and tell me what you are capable of doing and what your shop is like. i bet we can come up with a prity cool project. i see you like to do black smithing and knife making, jewlary, leather all stuff i want to try out. maybe we can make a pair of knives, you do the steel and ill do the wood and inlay.



here is a project i recently just finished then took a break since i was brain fried from my job. week off from spring break and starting to feel like i can get my hands dirty againl

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