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Are There Stone Carvers In Alberta, Canada Who Carve Obsidian?


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I received an inquiry from someone on a quest to find a stone carver to carve something in particular. I will post this inquiry here. If anyone fits the description, please communicate with him privately. Thank you.




Hi admin,


My name is Ethan H and I saw your registration guidelines. However I am just looking to do business with a carver in Alberta, Canada and am having a real tough time locating any.


I thought that you being a site devoted to carvers you would be able to help me locate one who could carve me a signet ring out of a piece of obsidian I brought back from Mt. Vesuvius.


I saw that your website forum isn't really dedicated to promoting business however I have been having a tremendously hard time locating any carvers and would really appreciate the help.


Thank you,




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