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Diy Wax Carving Tools

TJ Verrett

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I'm not sure if anyone would be interested in this but just in case here it is.

I began carving in wood some years ago and have since moved onto carving wax

as a new medium. After a considerable amount of searching on what tools to use

I found out that sculpting tools work best for this. So being the cheap (expletive goes here)

that I am i decided to make my own sculptors loops which leads me to my how to.

If you go to your local auto dealership ask them if they have any windshield wiper inserts laying

around chances are they will and they'll give them to you. What you want from the wipers are the spring steel

that's inside throw the rest of the wiper away. Now with a reference pic of the loops grab your needle nose pliers and either an extra pair or small vice grips bend the steel into whatever shape you need and voila you have a sculptors loops now I used the good old fashion duct tape to hold the thing together you may want to stick the thing into some handle for better aesthetics and comfort. I had a bunch of these laying around from my lock picking days

no I'm not a thief or burglar I did it as a hobby and I wanted to be a locksmith. So if you happen to be into wax carving or sculpting of any kind save a few bucks and make your own tools. BTW sorry no pics of the tools.

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i want to see some pictures. i made some cuting tools to cut up blocks of clay for the art teacher at my job and she apreciates that but its just regular wire i best spring steel would last long and cut better.

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post-3674-0-57856900-1367375108.jpg.jpg]post-3674-0-23172800-1367375121.jpgpost-3674-0-87909600-1367375129.jpgWhat exactly are you wanting to see? Basically you take an old windshield wiper rip the rubber out of it and get

the long spring steel inside of it. Then what I do is sharpen it with a whet stone just to get an edge on it the just

bend it into the shape that I need. I've got some pics of the sculpting loops and of the spring steel so you can see what

you're after. Hopefully that will help. If you have questions feel free to ask or comment.

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