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Power Carving Equipment Suggestions

TJ Verrett

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I've been seeing a lot of you talking about using a Dremel tool for your carvings and I have a suggestion for you

that might help you. If you're not doing carving on a full time basis and by this I mean more than 4 hours at

a time then by all means go with the Dremel. But if you're doing work that takes more than 4 hours and you want a

tool that has the strength to hold up then I highly suggest going with the Foredom power carver.

I once owned one of these and regret ever selling it. The difference between it and the Dremel is

daylight and dark. The Dremel could not keep up with the long hours of use plus their flex shafts are off poor

quality they tend to break easy and they jam up. The Foredom on the other hand is built with a 1/3 hp motor

comes with a high quality flex shaft and foot pedal plus the motor will run in forward or reverse. The hand piece

for it is capable of hold different size collets it feels like a real tool in your hand and the whole thing is built to run long

hours. Burrs from the Dremel can be used in it furthermore there is a wider selection of burrs for it than for the Dremel. Granted the Foredom is more expensive than the Dremel but you get what you pay for as for durability

and power. I used to carve numerous woodspirits to sell at shows and I had to have a tool that would keep up with

my high usage and the Dremel just could not do it I would constantly have to replace the flex shaft or the entire unit

due to over usage. But once I got the Foredom in my hand I could go for hours without having to replace anything.

Except for the fact that I accidentally got to close to my shirt with the tool and it broke the inner shaft but that was user error. So if you intend on going pro or just want an excellent tool that will stay you for a long time go with

the Foredom. You'll be glad you did. BTW here is the link of where to buy this


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All good TJ.


We're all on the same path but in different locations. I'm sure your advice will be taken by many as valuable.


Once you have progressed a little more on your path, may I suggest you investigate micro motors. I think the term you used was, 'daylight and dark' :)


Cheers, Billy.

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i agree with every thing thats has been said i do 4 to 8 hours some days i find the dremel or fuller great but for a lot of my stuff i invested in a 40lt belt driven compresser and i airfilter i run both a air saw right angle die grinder and for a lot of finer stuff i use a min micro die gring whcich to the people that dont what i'm talking about it just like a felxie shaft but air fedd all the drememl and ss white as well as jellewyer bit i have fit but i come down to what you fine suits your needs as well as your space keep up carving

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