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Collaboration! Everyone Invited!

Bonnie D

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Hi my name is Bonnie I am a new member to this site and before I was even able to post this invitation I had to ask permission. I am grateful that permission is granted. I would like to invite all those on the forum to participate in a collaborative effort for a gallery showing/s for those touched with Autism. The proceeds will go to a 501-C3 school to assist those into getting into careers and or college. What are my interest or what is in it for me, well I have two children with autism, I want them to succeede and I am not the only parent that desires this of their children. No my children are not yet old enough to attend this school but in our community there are and it is something I will happily promote so that these kids have a chance. I am still in the process of obtaining permission from galleries to show case the works of art that are going to be submitted. And I am inviting you to participate in the hopes of not just raising the awarness of those touched with and by autism but also to help them be able to help themselves. If you would like to participate please send me a private message and I will happily respond. It has been requested that it be done so on a private matter rather than on the forum so please be respectful to the Adminstrator and comply with this simple request and Thank you every one.


Bonnie D

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