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Video Of A Workshop On A Jade Moebius Featuring Don Salt

mace ngata

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Just got an email about a video recorded during a workshop on carving a moebius ribbon in jade featuring Don Salt filmed last year, and thought that I would let others know its available in case it hadn't been mentioned in the forum.

Its always been a bit of a pipe dream to be able to attend the workshops I see happening online and to be honest was rapt to see something along these lines has been released :) :)

will post a beginners perspective after having watched it , but um am likely to have a biased opinion as I have been a fan of both him and Owen Mapp since I was a young un at school , and thats been a while :D

Cheers all.


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well the tutorial arrived today and to be honest i couldn't be happier , great insights shared on reading grain in jade , where to cut , and how to pick the working face and why , worth every cent and more , i couldn't recommend this dvd highly enough for those wishing to avail themselves of the experience of a very talented individual

cheers all

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kia ora mate :)http://www.donnsaltjade.com/carve-a-moebius/ Is where I found it, costs $ 28 US, for me its a gem worth every cent, hints on setting up gear, the advantages of using pneumatic sanding drums, reading stone , the golden mean all sorts of little insights , really neat ae !!

Hope all is well

ka kite bro.

Mace .

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