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Rock Saw - Water Or Oil? And Other Questions

Tom A.

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Hey there,


I just picked up a used Rock Saw Highland Park Model E-5 (so says the sticker anyway). I'm using a 1/3 hp motor.


I've been busy make a stand and some covers, tore it all down, cleaned it all up and have started cutting some Jasper.


Its set up as a gravity feed (little bucket of lead balls) and has a nice little clamp to hold the work.




Oil or Water for lubricant? Why?

- I'm using oil now but I'm inside - I did not consider how much mist it would create when setting up

- basically I'm in my shop - not outside - water would be fine but oil is going to be an issue and will require design changes


Speed of cut? - consider a used blade (50%)

- how long should I expect a 1" cut to take? (on jasper) I assume the harder the rock the longer the time. Currently I'm over an hour and based on current speed I will be another.... the whole cut is about 2"

- is there a range of time and how big is it?

- I would consider slower better but there comes a point i'm certain where I am just wasting time..


Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated.




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Hello Tom


Oil is better for your saw, you do not wantyour saw get rusted, bearings , ways...., but it is nasty.

If you have a plated saw blade, not thing you can do since the plated diamond is gone. if it is a sintered diamond blade, you can dress it with a brick or a grinding wheel.


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Thanks Guys,


Starting to sort it out a bit. Its messy though! I need to fix up the shielding some.


I needed to oil the slide and then when it started making a slurry in the reservoir and I adjusted the gravity feed it cut like crazy. I made sure to back it off a bit so there were no sparks and started each piece off slow by hand.


So far so good. The adventure continues!!!



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I hate to disagree but I have been telling people for years (30+) that a piece of old grinding wheel works far better than a brick, any old coarse wheel will work and if you don't have one go to the hardware store and buy the cheapest they have, work much better than a brick and also much quicker.


All my best ........ Danny


P.S. I use water when done I spin the blade dry and drain the sump.

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