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Places To Buy Used Lapidary Equipment?


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Does anyone know of any good places to buy used lapidary equipment, other than ebay and craigslist (I'm already looking on both of those)? I'm just looking for a small trim saw + grinder combo or separate ... just something simple and preferably on the low-cost side (like $3-400 or under). I already have a flexshaft and micromotor for the detail work and fine polishing etc. I just need something for cutting out small shapes and the rough grinding.


One side note -- I know tile saws are cheap alternatives to trim saws, but I tried one already and it just vibrated way too much and the opening around the blade was so large that my little stones kept getting sucked down into it. :-/


I keep trying to convince myself I don't have time to learn stone carving right now ... but I just can't get the idea out of my head!!! Guess it must be a sign ... ; )



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