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Mammoth Ivory Question

Mark in FL

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I am carving a skull out of Mammoth Ivory that I traded for some time ago. The schreger lines are quite visible on the top of the piece. The customer is in England and I am in the USA. As there has been a crack down on Elephant Ivory lately my concern is that custom might seize the piece. What can I include to make sure that this does not happen. I once received package of mammoth Ivory that had a form with photos of the schreger lines and an explanation.


Any help would be appreciated. I want to make sure that customs does not seize this but also want to be honest in declaring what it is.


Thank You


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Hi Mark,


Thank you for asking that question. I don't have an answer, and am uneasy about the situation as well. If you find a reassuring answer, please post it here.


I am sorry that I am of no help with this question.



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