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New Box Top

Ed Twilbeck

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Started a new box top. Walnut with a dragon fly. So far I sized the top. Now I am carving away the background ,,, the top is 3/4 thick ,, carving about half thickness away. I used the knife to cut around the dragonfly and branch. Then with the reciprocating power chisel I removed most of the background down to the depth that I want.

The reciprocating power tool helps to remove wood quickly, A Carver friend , says I am cheating when I use it, because it cut so fast, even in hard woods. I use it instead of the rotary tool which makes a lot of dust, this makes a lot of chips and shavings.

If any one wants to see more , please let me know, and any comment are welcome.



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Hi Ed,


Thank you for posting. I was first attracted to the tool stand on the upper left of the image. Did you make that? It is an elegant solution for storage of those tools.


Then you mentioned the power tool, which makes chips instead of dust. That is an interesting attribute that has finally caught my attention. You have used it on a flat piece of wood. What do you think about how it would work on hand held boxwood for 3-D roughing out work?


I look forward to seeing this piece progress.



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Yes I did make the holder for the Flexcut chisels.

I have used the recipaticating tool to carve in the round, it works very well for that , quick removal of wood,

The tool comes with a set of chisels and I have some Flexcut chisels to go with it.

If needed I can post some other pics with the tool and chisels.

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Janel I started a small carving with a peice of the Ligustrum, and I used the power carver to start the roughing out , hand held. I am not anywhere close to the finished rough out, but thought about your question about this tool.

If you have strong hands and don't mind the vibration with the tool,about like a dremel tool, you can carve down to a rough out.

I started with a 1X1" X about 4" peice of limb. About 10 minutes of work removed 2 corners, to make the flat sides ,,, as seen in the picture.

Hope this answers your question.


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