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Cow Skull, Step By Step

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Some pictures of our cow skull, step by step, with a view of our absolutely shocking DIY workspace

It's carved mostly with a proxxon tool, but i managed to get some chisels to clean everything. Still a lot of work to do, still .









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Thanks ! It's far from finish on the pictures, I just got my hand on some chisel 2 days ago and I am having great fun cutting everything so that it's smoother and sharper . We wanted to get some kind of illuminated manuscript vibe to it.

i'll post more when it's done (it has to be finished in 2 weeks, panic ! :) )

I liked the way you created volums on the dseign of your sea lion, I think it's going to be my next skull challenge.

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thanks ! We used proxxon tools , which is like dremel but far better and cheaper, and it's our first try with chisels too. To get the smooth backgroud we're just trying to carve not too deep, like "caressing" the bone, little by little....our cow skulls has a lot of various density in the bone and if you press any of your tool too hard on the surface it just carves too deep or crash some parts. I find it easier too to work all the parts at the same time, to even the surface (a little bit here, a little bit there, etc ....). And sanding at the end helps a lot. I'll post some pictures of the tools i used the most if you want later, I'm in a rush to finish it . :)

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Here is the piece finish (though I'm pretty sure we'll get back to it at some point with more details now that we've got some decent tools :))

The poem is from japanese poet Santoka : "I sit in the beauty of the grass as they wither"







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