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Heat Etching Stone On My Koi Inlayed Bowl


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ok a couple years ago i was playing with a diamond burr that the tip had worn down. and when i touched it to a inlay that i was doing it ended up burning the stone or the super glue leaving behind a black line. then i used this to draw lines on my stone. i created some cool details to a flower creating some depth. eventuly it stoped doing that and just ran across the surface. i just finished a koi fish inlay on a bowl and i want to add detail to the surface. i had thought to do the same thing to draw the scales and folds in the fins ect... but i have no real experience burning stone. or even drawing on the stone. does anyone know anything about burning stone? or know of a marker or pen that wont run and blur with the finishes. maybe i can etch the stone and rub ink into the etched lines. any ideas?





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