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Whale Teeth Questions


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I received the following message with questions that I am not confident enough to provide answers for. Perhaps some of you might know what to offer in regards to this person's quest for knowledge.


Also, are there issues of legality for possessing, sharing, or selling such items in the USA? (My question.)


"When I was a boy (I'm 66), my father showed us what he said were whale

teeth. He was in the Navy in WWII, and brought them home when was

discharged in 1945.


He passed away in 1985. A few years ago, our mother died. When we were

sorting out all her possessions we found these old whale teeth. We checked,

and found out that they are sperm whale teeth.


Although they're a lot more tan colored than we remembered, they seem to be

in excellent condition. (Since these are the only whale teeth I've ever

seen, this is guesswork on my part!)


Neither my two brothers, sister or me know anything about whale teeth. As

such, can you tell me if they're still worth much even though they're [at

least] 69 years old and have darkened?


We're not pressed to sell them. But because our parents never had them out

on display, none of us have any sentimental attachment to them.


Do you know of anyone who might be interested in them?"


M. I. K.

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They would be worth a bit Janel, depending on the size. They could probably sell them legally within the US borders, but even sending them overseas rarely is a problem. I'm sure there's a few people here that would be interested.

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love to try carving them teeth yes I think you can sell them as you got them pre 1956 but check with your local museum also yes they discolour over time there is a shop in ne York called oddits they can help you with selling them the re worth good money hope his helps

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